4 Days 3 Nights 1 Bedroom condo.
ONLY $299.00
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Valid for up to 4 persons staying in a 1 Bedroom condo.

  • Must have a combined household income (before taxes) of US $50,000 or more.

  • Must be the owner of a valid an active major credit card with a Visa/ MasterCard/ American Express/ Discover logo (no prepaid credit cards or debit cards accepted); The card must be shown at time of tour presentation with a valid form of photo I.D. (Driver’s License or Passport) .

  • Must be currently Full-Time employed, “not a full time student”.

  • All qualifying parties must be able to speak, understand, and write English (Spanish upon request).

  • One (1) Offer per Group/Party/Family. No “Group” tours will be accepted (a group is a party that needs more than one room).

  • Only for married, co-habiting, engaged or otherwise similarly committed couples, traveling together, between the ages of 28 to 72 years old; both persons; husband and wife or partners must attend and complete the sales presentation together. Proof of same residence will be required (i.e. driver’s license, bills, and checkbooks, statements with both names and same address).

  • This vacation package cannot be combining with another vacation package or timeshare/vacation club promotion.

  • The date and time of the presentation of the tour, will be determined by the resort. Under no circumstances the tour date will be either the check in day or check out date. Upon availability, the resort time could be at any hour between 8 am to 1 pm. No guarantee of a specific time is given until the resort confirms the tour slot.

  • This offer is also available to citizens of all countries, except for the following: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Guatemala, India, Uruguay and Venezuela.

  • This offer is not valid for the following Florida Counties: Seminole, Orange, Osceola, Lake, Polk, Brevard, Volusia, Dade, and Broward counties.

  • This offer is not available to residences of the Following States: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota and South Dakota.